About Me

Hi there! I'm Rebecca Reynolds - 37 year old mom to an amazing kid and girlfriend fiancee!! to the smartest man I know, who decided that my life wasn't quite busy enough and jumped into the world of triathlon.

I grew up up in sunny Southern California and spent as much time as possible in the pool/ocean etc. My love for the water turned into a fairly successful swimming career in school - 3 years of state finals and 2 school records. However, time passed, life got in the way and my interests grew up. Soon I was 100% engrossed in my career and being a mom. Swimming, let alone competition was a distant memory. 

In 2007, while living in Nebraska,  my boyfriend and I decided to drive over to Des Moines Iowa to watch the Hyvee Triathlon. Thought it would be an interesting watch, nothing more. Hard to explain what happened to me that day but a fire was lit and stayed there smouldering. A nice little reminder that there was something more out there for me - some way to get back into the world of competition. Hey, I could ride a bike and certainly swim my way through any open water conditions, so why not put on some running shoes and join these amazing athletes? 

It took 5 more years, but in 2012 I finally signed up for my first sprint triathlon in Ventura CA. I was first out of the swim and finished 4th in my age group (hooray!) but thought I was going to die as I crossed the finish. It was at that exact moment that I was hooked! I love a physical challenge and wanted more of what this tri world had to offer. Since then I have completed 2 3 Sprints and 1 Olympic triathlon, 1 Duathlon, 1 Half Marathon and numerous 5ks, 8ks etc.- with an ultimate goal of Ironman AZ in 2015!

It's been an incredible journey so far but I still have so much more to do. Stay tuned as I begin my training in 2014 for Ironman Boise 70.3 ......and who else knows what other sort of crazy ideas I come up with.

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