Monday, November 18, 2013

Did That Seriously Just Happen?

9 miles at 9:30 per minutes -!!! Just wanted to start off this week's post with that bit of excellence - BOOM!! 
(For those of you sub 7 mm, just bear with me here....)
I've never been able to consider myself a "runner". I know,  I know, regardless of how slow you go, you are a runner. I do believe that.....for everyone other than myself. I guess it's because I've never really been able to enjoy myself while running. A swimmer for most of my life, I started out on this running journey a few years ago while attempting to train for a marathon. 5 weeks in and I was riddled with injuries. Since that time I have accepted the fact that I'd never be able to break a 29 minute 5k and that this portion of my Tri will always be the worst. That was until yesterday....I freakin ran 9 miles (9.17 to be exact) at 9:30! Never in my life have I been able to sustain that pace.....even for a 5k. 

And I think I found the secret. We'll at least for me, that is. Normally I run music, nothing to distract me from my own thoughts, my rhythm.etc. That is until now. Prepping to put in 6 miles on the dreadmill this past Thursday I knew it was going to be a snooze fest. An hour of going nowhere is just torture. "Well, why not try out a podcast to help pass the time? At least it will keep me entertained", I thought. .....that it did. 6 miles felt like 3 - I was done in a flash! Did the same on yesterday's run and success! 9 miles flew by...and I am truly hoping the gps in my phone was on track, because I am stoked. You better believe I'll be doing my long run this Sunday with my headphones on.

"What podcasts where you listening to?", you ask. So far I've only tried out 'The Age Grouper' - two guys, Jeff and Eric, out of Chicago, speaking on all kinds of triathlon related goodies. From suggestions on improving your times, life/training balance, race recaps and so on. Here is a link to their blog - you can download their podcasts directly from the site or look them up on itunes:

  In other news, have you noticed my little timer up there on the right? Countdown to Ironman Boise has officially moved into the 100's. Starting to get real, folks. Was debating on whether or not I should start my training right after December's half.....and that would be a yes. 6 months to get these lazy buns back in race shape is going to be hateful awesome!! Not looking forward to those 4:30am workouts though - how do you morning people do it?!


It takes everything I have just to open my eyes that early......gahhh.  Found this on the web earlier....may have to post it to my alarm clock - perhaps it will give me that extra bit of umph I'll need to rise and shine come 1/2014


What is your secret to early morning training motivation?
Are there any podcasts you enjoy?

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