Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taper - To Love or Not to Love

Happy post-Thanksgiving bloat everyone! 

Wow, has it been awhile or what?! Sorry for my lack in posting these past two weeks - with the Christmas holiday fast approaching and so many activities already under our belt, I guess I just got carried away with all the hustle and bustle. It's crazy how quickly time flies by......

Thanksgiving was at an odd time of the month this year wasn't it? It came, went and then BAM!, we were into December! Nuts...anyway, the Kid went up to Washington to spend the holiday weekend with his dad's family so P and I rented a cozy little cabin up on Mt Hood for a few days. And what a blessing it was...despite the fireplace not working - boooo!

We spent the weekend enjoying delicious foods, wines, football and snuggling with our pups. I did manage to get in one run while on the mountain - bright and early on Thanksgiving morning so in a way it was my own one man Turkey Trot! :) What a difference a thousand feet or so can make on your lung capacity though! I only had 4 or so miles scheduled but I'll tell ya it took at least 2 to get my breathing under control. So glad I got my butt up and made it outside - couldn't think of a better venue to spend some quality foot to road time.

Now that we're a good week into December, I can officially say that tapering has commenced!! Got my last long run in on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and am sailing right along. (P.S. 11 miles after a holiday weekend filled with booze does NOT bode well for your digestive system. Needless to say I am very thankful for the port-a-potties that were available on my route - gah) Lesson learned!

Funny thing about taper weeks - you look sooooooooooo forward to them until they hit. Then your mind starts playing tricks, trying to convince you that you're no where near prepared. And your body? It's starts talking all kinds of, "How does that knee feel? crappy, I know.....and about that left hip? Hurts, don't it?". Your immune system plummets and that inevitable cold sets in. You become stupidly emotional, your patience wears very thin and the fun experience of Christmas tree shopping turns into a tear stained soap opera with drama around every corner....

....oh wait....

....is that last part just me? ;)

Haha - in all seriousness, it is a funny thing, taper week - gets me every time. But FEAR NOT! For I have my first half marathon....13.1 miles of  what is currently forecasted as 46* and possible rain to conquer on Sunday! 12 weeks of prep has come to end and I am pleased with my progress so far. Having been born with fins (not really...that would be creepy), I've come to find out that this fish isn't so bad on land after all! Looking forward to seeing what I post and how all this mental toughness I've been working on pays off.

Race report to follow on Sunday but in the meantime, if you're in the market for a new wetsuit, check out the special they are running over at XTERRA right now. All suits at 57% - 60% off!  I currently own their Vector Pro Fullsuit and have been very pleased. Plenty of buoyancy and ample range of motion. Would very much like a sleeveless as well, so perhaps Santa will make an early visit to my house this week......

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(Mulder should NEVER hide behind a wetsuit!!! - I think all my X-Files fans out there can agree!)

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