Tuesday, June 3, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 Week 19 - Training Recap


That should be the real title of this week's recap. I have ONCE AGAIN injured myself in a way that has possibly taken me out of Boise. Out of the race that I have been training fervently for these past 5 months! 5 months of hard work...1 week to go and I am officially on rehab. Uggh. I swear folks, you can't make this stuff up........let's recap how last week's training went and I'll give you the nitty-gritty on exactly what happened...

Monday - Rest Day

After Sunday's long 60 mile brick I took a much needed rest day. Enjoyed the holiday by basking in the glow of my awesomeness.

It's egotistical thoughts like these that will get you in trouble....

Tuesday  - 2800 Yard Swim

Easy Tuesday morning swim. I got to the pool a bit later than I would have liked and had to cut the swim short by about 500 yards - still got 2800 in so I'll take it. The arm at this point I can happily say is at 99%. Primed and ready for Boise.

Wednesday -  1 Hour Bike (trainer)

Nothing special to write home about here - all the hustle and bustle of my after work errands ended too late so I made due on the trainer. Really wanted to get in another hilly ride outside but am thankful to have at least gotten my legs moving.

Thursday - 4 Mile Run & 8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion! How in the world do I have a son that is graduating from the 8th grade already?! Yowzaa! This was a really fun day for the whole family. The Kid pretty much took over the ceremony with his speech and rock band performances (he sang, 'Ho, Hey' and 'In The Middle'). It was like the "Seth Show" up in there. :)

Rockin his 8th Grade speech.

The Kid and his girlfriend - young love.

So proud.

"No cameras, please."

After the evening's festivities, I managed to get in a 4 mile run before having to pick up the Kid and his buddy from their end of year dance later that night. Whew - that day was a long but very fun one!

Friday - Rest Day

Unplanned but much needed. I enjoyed the heck outta it. :)

Saturday - 1600 Yard OWS & A Strained Calf

Headed out Saturday morning to a lake nearby where local pro-triathletes Chris Bagg and Chris Boudreaux, along with my favorite LBS were sponsoring an OWS clinic. Although I'm not a newbie to OWS and wasn't looking for basic instruction, I figured it would be a great chance to get in the open water in before Boise. Oh, if I had only known....

We spent most of the two hours practicing siting and swimming in a crowd. Also got some great pointers on breathing techniques which I hadn't thought of before. Near the end of the session we did a beach to water race simulation - complete with high knees etc. Literally 6 feet of simulation.....my group takes off.....and there goes my calf muscle! What the heck? I swear it felt like I tore the darn thing!!! Jumped into the water and swam across to the exit without issue but the moment I stood up to walk out, I knew I was done. Literally had to keep from crying it was that bad. All I could think of was how my 5 months of training had all gone down the drain with a simple hop! Is this really happening? Maybe it was just a cramp?....Nope. Not a cramp. Crap! Crippity crap, crap!!

Clinic was over so I dried off, packed my bag and headed back out on the bike, doing everything I could not to just give up, sit down and bawl my eyes out. I had planned on doing an hour ride followed by a 3 mile run that afternoon, but all I could muster up was the defeated 10 mile ride back home. Thankfully my quads are doing most of the work on the bike so I did manage to make it home ok. Not knowing the extent of my injury, I immediately starting icing, compressing and elevating. The Kid had his birthday party that night so I managed to hobble over his shin-dig and tried to enjoy myself.

Sunday - R.I.C.E and Trying Not To Freak Out

I'm sure you can imagine what my Sunday consisted of. Rest. Ice.Compression and Elevation.....along with drinking a few beers and eating crap food. Basically feeling sorry for myself. (lame, I know)

Swim - 4400 yards
Bike - 20 miles
Run - 4 miles
Hour - 15

So here we are, 5 days out from Boise and I have a strained right calf muscle. Thankfully I was able to get into my PT yesterday (Monday) who ruled out a tear. She did some ASTYM, ART, ultra sound and taping. Pretty much everything she could in order to get the healing process moving as fast as possible. That along with some additional stretching and I can already see and feel a difference today. Hallelujah! Per PT's orders I was able to go for a 2 mile walk last night up to our fav frozen yogurt spot while my son chaperoned on his long board (birthday present - he won't get off the darn thing) There is definitely still pain, and I can't yet fully support pushing up on the balls of my right foot, but.....I feel a thousand times better than Sun, heck even yesterday and I am bound and determined to race, even if it does mean that I have to walk the 13.1 miles. There is still a bit of time before Saturday though and I do have another PT appointment tomorrow night so please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts - yes, I will walk the 13.1 but I won't be happy about it.

Update to follow..............

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