Monday, October 28, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

You can tell from the title of this entry that my week has been filled with self sabotage in the form of excuse, after lame excuse after lame excuse.....

Last week I mentioned having an odd pain running down the top of my right foot after a 4.5 mile trail run. After a ton of foot stretches and further research,  I chalked it up to needing new shoes and decided that it would be best to cool it on my HM training plan and spend this week on the bike instead. Fully convincing myself that I would get to the shop and pick up a new pair of Brooks Glycerin (a.m.a.z.i.n.g product) before jumping back on the road.

Guess how much time I spent on the bike? Or in the gym for that matter?


Lame? Indeed.

Instead I found every reason NOT to workout and drink as much booze and crappy food as possible. Why is it that self control and mental fortitude runs away screaming when the word "injured" comes into play? I had a lousy week at work and wanted nothing more than to come home each night, have a glass (or two...or three) of wine and veg out on the couch, mindlessly watching some football. (stupid football season and your delicious snacks) Having said, "injury", gave me just the excuse I was looking for....over stressed, tired and just plain lazy, turned into, "Oh no, I can't possible work out. Wouldn't want to further injure myself."

Needless to say, after feeling the physical effects of my bad decisions last week (cranky, bloated - you name it!), I pulled myself onto the bike last night for a good 60 minutes of spinning torture. How easily it is to forget how much better both body and mind feel after a workout. Lesson learned - glad to have put myself in check before things got too out of hand. This week is a new week, so we're letting go of the past and moving forward! Enough beating myself up - that does no one any good.

In other more pleasant news, I had a delightful weekend with P enjoying the sights, sounds and most importantly the tastes of fall. We spent our Saturday over in Hood River touring the 'Fruit Loop' - a stretch of road that consists of at least 30 fruit stands, vineyards, u-pick orchards etc. - and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Fall is my favorite time of the year and you can't beat it here in the Pac Northwest. Trying our best to soak it up as much as possible before the rain and freezing temps hit. 

If you're ever in the neighborhood make sure to check out the Loop - you won't be disappointed! And don't forget to peruse the many breweries that call Hood River home..... 

(Run! Don't walk and pick yourself up some seasonal Wassail from Full Sail Brewing)

Regardless of how crappy my week may go training wise, I never regret the time spent with loved ones in place of a run/bike/swim. It's finding the balance to be successful at both that is ALWAYS the goal.

Do you find yourself making excuses during the off season?
How do you stay focused in the colder months?


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