Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

IRONMAN – 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running. Are you tired yet?

So I spent this last weekend super jazzed to be watching live coverage of the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, HI. Although a recap of the race (which is always fun to watch as they provide not only pro coverage, but amazing human interest stories of some unique age groupers) won’t be airing on TV until Nov. 16th, having an opportunity to see play by play action of the entire race via the interwebs, was mesmerizing.

There I sat glued to my iPad all day – even took it with me to the gym so I could get my run in without missing a beat. Needless to say I was inspired – always have been. Something about having the physical and mental stamina to defeat such a task is HOT!! You heard me, H.O.T! Anywhere from 9 to 17 hours of consecutive racing….oh my word, 17 HOURS! And the overall toll it takes on your body? Participants at Kona this year will have lost 3-5% of their body weight during the race. Are you kidding me? I could barely lose 2% in 8 weeks. Yikes - It truly takes something special folks….and whatever that is, I want it! I will hunt it down and make it my own…my precious………………. ;)

(Once obtained you will have to pry this from my cold, dead hands!)

All silliness aside, what I really loved most about the coverage was watching all those “regular” every day folks (amateurs) finishing well into the night. Hours and hours after the final pro was done, these amazingly fit men and women (some even in their 70s) were running, leaping and even crawling across the finish line. All to say that they completed their dream of competing in Kona – against the world’s best. Frickin awesome. Hard not to sit in front of the screen and bawl like a baby…which I did…over...and over…and over again.

Ultimate dream of mine? You better believe it! Have my sights set on 2015 – but for right now, over these next few months I will be focusing on increasing both my endurance and speed when it comes to the run. Uugghhhh, running……..currently averaging around a 10 – 10.5 minute mile, I’d really like to be down to 9 by the time Boise rolls around in June. So, in order to keep myself motivated and on track, I signed up for my first HM (half marathon) on Dec. 15th. If you don’t know by now, all desire to get off my butt and workout, jumps right out the window and tears off down the street unless I have a race to work/look forward to. We all have different motivational factors – none are better than others, they’re just different - mine just happens to be “The Next Event”. Needless to say I’ll be 90 and still racing triathlon if that’s what it takes to keep a healthy and active lifestyle!

With 10 miles being the farthest distance I have ran to date, below is the fairly conservative training plan that I am currently following to get me comfortably to 13.1 by December. Could I do more? Sure….but why risk the chance of injury. (I learned that lesson very early on..the hard way)

I’m excited to see how much of an improvement I can make on my run over these next few months – with it being my worst discipline of the three, I am hoping to gain a better appreciation and a more positive attitude towards the final leg of my race. Here is a great article I read on triradar.com recently, speaking on steps towards mental toughness…..

I especially like this quote: "Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you’re probably right"

Perhaps I should tattoo this on my forehead as I begin the arduous 6 month long journey of training for Boise 70.3? Guarantee I will have this saying posted everywhere at home/work/gym/car – how else am I going to keep moving towards my ultimate goal of one day soon, hearing Mike Rilley yell,

"Rebecca Reynolds, YOU.ARE.AN.IRONMAN!!”

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