Wednesday, April 9, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 Week 11 - Training Recap

Disappointed to report that I'm typing this update with a pretty banged up arm (insert first real bike accident) so last week's training recap is going to be quick and to the point. Hoping to have enough energy/typing strength to finish my race report by Friday (as you'll definitely want to read up on the plethora of non-sense that took place) but for now let's see how last week played out...


Monday - Planned: 1:30 hour bike
               Actual: 45 minutes bike - OUTSIDE!!

Though last week was still a rainy mess, I was able to sneak in a 45 minute ride outside while the Kid was at swim practice. A little wet and muddy but I get some decent tire to pavement time and made the most of the opportunity to test out my aero bars/new saddle....all is well so far!

Tuesday - Planned: 1 hour swim + 6 mile run
               Actual: 0 swim + 45 min yoga + 1 hour of PT + 1 hour run/elliptical

Total fail on getting up in time for my morning swim session this day but I am really trying to give myself a bit of grace and move on when something doesn't go quite as planned. I preach the attitude of giving others (as well as yourself) grace A LOT in our house so I suppose I should start doing a better job of leading by example. : \

PT that evening was great! More ASTYM massage plus some strength work. I am so very pleased to have found my Physical Therapist - she is so personable and seems genuinely concerned with getting my injuries resolved so that they do not impede with Boise training. LOVE HER!

Starting an hour and a half workout at 8:30pm is never fun but I refuse to be lackadaisical about my scheduled runs, especially when I'm forced to substitute the elliptical for the majority of my planned miles. It was indeed a late night for me.

Wednesday - Planned: 1:30 bike
                    Actual: 1:30 bike (trainer)

Nothing exciting here...just more fun time spent on the trainer.....again.....GO AWAY RAIN!!

Thursday - Planned: 1 hour swim (3000 yd) + 6 mile run
                 Actual: 3000 yd swim - OWNED IT + 1 hour run/elliptical

Have I mentioned before how much I love swimming? This mornings' set included 5x500s at sprint pace on 7:30:00 with a 10 sec rest in between - felt amazing to get those lungs burning. I know most folks usually get into the sport of tri through their love and experience with running but not this gal. In turn I am very lucky and thankful that the seemingly hardest leg of this race comes easy - I do not take that for granted.At.all. Now if could only apply that same enthusiasm to my run........blerg.

As for my rehab running regime,  I was able to increase the amount of run time sans hip pain to 40 minutes with a 1 minute walk - definite improvements!      

Friday - Planned: 3 hour bike
            Actual: Bike? What bike?-  stretch and rest day in prep for Saturday's race

I know, I know - this was a long session that I should have gotten in after work but figured I'd cut myself a break and take this as a rest day since I was racing that next morning. And boy was I glad to have made that decision......Best part about my Friday night? My Birthday surprise arrived! P, quite possibly the best fiance EVER!, flew my best friend in for the weekend - talk about doing a little happy dance?!!! The little sneaker told me that he had to run out and pick up a last minute birthday present that someone had been working on.....comes back an hour later with one of my favorite persons on the planet! I was so surprised and pretty much giddy for the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday - Planned: 3 hour brick
                Actual: Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon - so technically I did a brick anyway. Just about half the time/distance :)          

Details to follow in my race report but let's just say that this race contained a random mix of comedic errors that lead to forgetting pertinent race supplies, a bad timing chip, swim lane mix up, nutrition mishaps (as in I completely forgot to take in anything) and one bad crash that has left this gal in an arm sling.....
Yep - this about sums it up!

Sunday - Planned: 30 min swim
              Actual - 0 swim....instead spent the morning in Urgent Care and the rest of the day/night enjoying time with my bestie!....with a glass of wine in my hand.....and my arm in a sling. Lol

Swim - 3500yd swim
Bike - 3 hours
Run - 3 miles + 2 hours on the elliptical
Other - 45 min yoga + 1 hour strength + 72 hours of bestie time!!!

Last week was a total mixed bag of emotions. Very glad that I was scheduled for recovery week these next 7 days since I'm pretty much out of commission at the moment. The spill I took on my bike during Saturday's race (aero + loose gravel = Rebecca on the ground) has me pretty banged up but thank the Lord free from broken bones or any permanent damage. Diagnosis is sprained right elbow/wrist, one giant softball sized bruise on my right hip (of course the hip I am already getting physical therapy on), many other scrapes and bruises and a bike that might need to go back into the shop for a once over. Details on the incident to come later but figured I'd at least let you all know that though I've definitely hit a bad patch in the road, at least it's a ditch I can crawl out of.

People keep asking why in the world would I continue to do something that causes me pain and what seems like injury after injury?

My answer has always been and will continue to be....

Have a great rest of your week folks.

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