Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mind Wandering Wednesdays

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means............


................yet another installment of Mind Wandering Wednesdays! I love these posts - gives me a chance to get silly (because who doesn't need a good laugh while their muscles are screaming in pain from last night's 9 miler...) and literally unload the stressors  that have been ruling my brain. So let's get to it, shall we? What's been rolling around my noggin these past few days.....

  • BOISE!! Finally got our welcome email from the race director and the official schedule. Talk about intimidating....the simple fact that the race even needs a 3 day schedule totally freaks me out.
  • 9 mile run outside in the gorgeous weather last night - longest since the Shamrock Run. Booyah!
  •  Remember that promise to myself about not biting my nails till Boise? Ummm yeah, about that..........
  • Got my supply of CarboPro last night - excited to try this total liquid nutrition plan on the bike this weekend. If my stomach can handle GU, it should be able to handle anything. ;)
  • Got this awesome shirt from P for my birthday...sadly it is waaaaay too small. Here's hoping American Apparel makes normal people sizes so I can exchange it. And by normal I mean an XL, as this L is small enough to fit a 6 year old!
 The sticker is super cute though and a total keeper!

  • Dancing With The Stars is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows to watch while on the trainer - mindless entertainment love.
  • Saturday will be my first bike ride outside since the crash - hoping my mind doesn't get in the way of what my body knows to do.
  • Visiting my pops in Chi-town for 5 days soon. Just 3 weeks shy of Boise so you had better believe I've got the closest gym/pool already mapped out!
  • Been pretty lucky to get through long runs and even my races without the need for a bathroom break mid-stride.....unfortunately I broke that streak last night. Thank goodness my route took me past our favorite local pizza shop. They were more than accommodating. #almostpantsmypoop! #TMI? #Sorrynotsorry!
         (and yeah, I know there's no hashtagging in blogging - but what better way to get your point across!)
  • The Kid has 4 more weeks before graduating from Middle School. Am I really old enough to have a High School Freshman???!!!!!

Wow, guess my thoughts this week aren't all that random are they? Can you tell I have a certain something on my mind?!!

Aaaaand, my favorite portion of these Wednesday posts -race spectator signs! Got some HI-larious ones for ya today.

Is that a promise?

So sad but so true!

You poor, poor thing.

I'll take sweat, a free t-shirt and pain any day!!

Come on now, who doesn't like a "That's what she said" joke?! 

My all time favorite by far!

That's all she wrote folks! Planning on getting a review of my latest Tri-Box up within the next few days so stay tuned!

Any weird or random facts you'd like to share?

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