Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team

So….last week I got a voice mail.

From Atlanta.

It went something like this, “Hi, Rebecca this is Meredith. If you can give me a call back when you get a chance, my office number is…..”.

You see, a few months ago Meredith Atwood of Swim Bike Mom  announced that she would like to put together a team of Ambassadors. I have followed Meredith and her blog since her journey to Ironman Coeur d’Alene over two years ago. Something about the candor and brutal honesty of her writing hooked me immediately. I loved everything that she stood for. Triathlon is not this unattainable pipe dream that only elite athletes can participate in. Nor is it only for the young! Triathlon is for everyone. 

Since that time, Meredith has written a book (with a second on the way), is now a certified USAT coach, has a line of race gear (Swim Bike Sell) and has even built an Army of other Swim Bike Moms (and a few awesome Swim Bike Dads) who are putting themselves out there, doing what they love and changing their lives through this sport. So when I heard that she was putting together a team of Ambassadors and calling for folks to apply, one guess as to what my answer was. Oh, heck yes!  I am already a proud member of the Swim Bike Mom Army and would consider it an honor to help spread our mission. Here are a few of Meredith's own words on exactly what that mission is and what her desires are of this new team:

‘The mission of the 2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team(SBMAT) is to spread the word to all women–to let them know that they can be changed through the sport of triathlon.The Members of the SBMAT embody a positive attitude,determination, excellent sportsmanship, and a love for the sport of triathlon. The SBMAT is different from other “Teams” because it’s not elite (though some of our girls are certainly hella triathletes!) or exclusive or closed off. These women are here to help this mission and to work closely with SBM to ensure that the “Army” continues to grow and flourish. ‘

Enter "the call".

404 area code in the middle of a work day? I don't know anyone in Atlanta so the immediate assumption is, telemarketer. So I don't answer. Seriously. #myownworstenemy. Thank the Lord above I actually listen to the voice mail. And holy crap it's Meredith (aka Atlanta) - "She is so sweet to call up each applicant personally to tell them that they didn't make the team", I think.

Hello dummy - she's calling to tell you that you're in!!

How? Why? I am still flabbergasted. With well over 250 applicants I don't how Meredith and crew were able to narrow it down but I will forever be grateful to them for such a unique opportunity. Most of the women on this team have amazing stories of heartbreak and struggle, who are getting through each day based on sheer strength and determination. Many have brought me to tears. I am honored and humbled to be racing alongside my new team members. I urge you to take an initial peek at all the 2015 SBM Team Ambassadors and stay tuned to learn more about their stories, our goals as a team and other exciting opportunities for you to participate in!

With my wedding next June, Ironman Arizona in November and now this new Ambassadorship, 2015 is going to be a wild ride and I can't wait to share it with you. Buckle up folks, we're going to have some fun!!

~Cheers, Rebecca

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