Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Recap and a Giveaway Winner!

Fall is in the air and this gal is happy!

Got out for a few runs last week (though not as many as I should have) as the weather was perfect! Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year to run – the air is cool enough to wear compression tights, I can do most of my running without sunglasses and the air is filled with wonderful smells as folks start lighting up their fireplaces for the first time. 

Monday – 3 mile hilly run

The Kid has had swim practice at a different pool the past three weeks, which has given me a great opportunity to check out new routes. 4 miles of rolling hills in one of the prettiest neighborhoods around. It got pretty dark about half way but I loved the view! Something about a different environment always makes a run so much more enjoyable.

Tuesday – Shoulda...woulda...coulda......didn't.  :/

Wednesday – Had my running gear on and just couldn't push myself out of the door. Dealing with a bit of stress at work this last week so finding the motivation to work out vs. flopping down on the couch with a big ol glass of wine has been hard. I am a routine gal and once I get thrown off that horse for a few months it is so hard to get back on. Give me a full week of consistency and I will be back in full beast mode..........promise.

Thursday – 4 mile trail run

It was a struggle, not gonna lie. I wanted to quit at mile 3 and just pack it in but thankfully my mind refused and I kept chuggin along. Looks like I missed most of the fall colors though - the trail was primarily brown with a little bit of green still holding on. One thing I love about Oregon is how green it actually does stay throughout the winter months - can't keep those pine trees down!

Friday – Can we just skip, Friday? Wine + couch was just about all I could muster.

Sat – IM Kona World Championships!

So I literally spent ALL day on my couch glued to my iPod/computer screen watching the live feed of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI. Although November's televised recap does a better job of capturing most all of the field as well as including those inspiring age grouper stories, I do love being able to follow right along with every step of the race. All 17 hours of it!
The broadcast was awesome and the race itself super exciting. Germany’s Sebastian Kienle, took 1st for the men with a time of 8:14:18, never once wavering. While Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae (ultimate lady beast!) took first in the female Pro field at 9:00:55 by absolutely CRUSHING IT on the run, overtaking Daniela Ryf in the last 4 miles. Holy crap was that an amazing thing to see! Rinny came off the bike in 15th place and ran her marathon in just 2:50:26 to take home the win and another female run-record. Two freakin’ hours and fifty minutes?!! Are you out of your mind?!! All so crazy inspiring.

Here are the top 10 final standings......not a bad showing from the US!

Sitting there watching Kona all day got me in the mood to finish up my own Ironman plans. Finally booked my flight and reserved my hotel/car for next month’s volunteering weekend at IM Arizona. Step #2 towards IMAZ 2015 is complete!  Wohoo!  What’s even more exciting is the fact that quite a few of my fellow SwimBikeMom teammates will be there volunteering as well – some even racing! Can’t wait to meet everyone and help cheer on all the amazing athletes.

Sunday – Football, football, football. I admit it – I’m a sucker for the NFL and am going to have a very hard time making time for s/b/r on Sundays this winter. Especially since my Chargers are doing so well! I sense many rides inside on the trainer happening these next few months…......

With week 1 of my half marathon training complete over, I'll admit that it’s been very hard getting back into the routine of things. I spent some time on Sunday re-evaluating my mental state and have and already started off week 2 with a new attitude and a desire to get back at it. 4 mile run yesterday – with an av pace of 9:20 (booyah!) and 1 hour scheduled on the trainer for tonight. Right now it's a daily reminder that I am the only one responsible for what happens with my training - using "life" as an excuse is no excuse at all.

Before I go I’m excited to announce that Natalee Webb has won Tri-ing The Best I Can’s first giveaway contest!! Congrats on your new 3 pack of Lock Laces, Natalee! I know you’re going to love them as much as I do!!

Thanks to all those who participated and be on the lookout for more fun giveaways in the future!

~  Cheers, Rebecca

How do you get back into routine after taking some time away from your fitness norm?

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