Thursday, May 22, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 Week 17 - Training Recap


Sorry for the lack of posts this week but as you know I was in Chicago for the weekend and spent most of yesterday catching up on work and managing a 12 mile run (which I totally PR'd - B.T.Dubs!)

So how did my trip go and what kind of training was I actually able to fit in while there? Let's check in out...

Monday - 1:30 Bike

LOVE this bike route!

Wohoo! Got my butt outside for once and man did it feel good. I can totally tell how much more powerful my legs and general riding skills are from this time last year. Excited to tackle some major hills and wind this coming weekend - heard the wind in Boise can be a big pain in the arse.      

Tuesday  - 10 Mile Endurance Run

Feeling great! Got started a little late though so I ended up getting 6 miles done outside on my favorite path and the remaining 4 on the dreadmill. Oh well, 10 miles is still 10 miles!

Wednesday -  1:15 Bike                  

Nothing super exciting about Wednesday's ride - The Kid had his band concert that night so I had to spend it on the trainer afterwards. Wouldn't trade it for anything though.....learning to balance work and family with my training life is hard BUT I made a promise to myself this year - NEVER sacrifice time with family in order to race. Family will always be my number 1 priority and would never want to do anything that might hinder those relationships. As a result of sacrificing some outside riding time, I got to see this little piece of magic happen..............(my Kid is in the red shirt busting out the tunes)


So we knew that The Kid plays drums (you can't get the dude to stop tapping on any and everything) and has been staying after school once a week to practice with this new rock group (mix of middle schoolers and music teachers). Little did we know he could actually sing too! I mean, really sing! This was the first of about 8 numbers that they performed...... needless to say we were in awe and so super proud.

My Rock Star.

Thursday - Rest Day

Lots of stretching and packing....and packing...and packing. When 2/3 of your luggage for a 5 day trip is full of workout gear, you know you are a triathlete! :)

Friday - 1:30 Endurance Bike + Travel Day

So, yeah......didn't quite get in the full 3.5 hours I wanted to but as we planned on leaving the house by 1pm to make our flight, 1:30 hours was all I had. Still, a little bike and some compression socks for the plane ride and I was all set. About the compression - wore my Zoot Ultras on both flights to and from Chicago - life.saver. My legs felt amazing the whole time and even allowed me to pull out a 12 miler the day after flying! I will never travel without them again.

Somebody is no longer a fan of giving his mom a smooch in public! ;)

Saturday - 2800 Yard Swim

Planned on getting up at 4:30am and heading downtown (1 hour away) to meet up with some folks for a little OWS in Lake Michigan....yeah right! With snow on the ground the morning prior and water temps below 50 degrees, the swim was cancelled. Would have really liked getting into some super cold water though - think it would have been good prep for Boise. No harm, no foul - I didn't get to bed until around 1:30am or so the night before so that would have made for a very tiring swim on 3 hours of sleep. Probably for the best.
Instead I was lucky enough to find an LA Fitness about 40 mins from my dad's house (he kinda lives in the boonies). Without being able to participate in some OWS, I headed out for a morning chlorine session. Easy 2800 yards that felt amazing! My arm is just about at 95% now and should be primed for Boise.

Sunday - Rest Day + Graduation Day!

Yes, I did have 3 rest days last week - so what?!!!! Actually, I felt awful having to take so many days off but knew that when travelling, you just have to give yourself a little bit of a break. My half sister, Lissa, was graduating from High School this day, which is one of the main reasons we made the trip out! So excited to see how all the hard work she's put into her education, has paid off. She graduated with honors and is heading out to Huntington Christian University in the fall to study animation. A-mazing artist so I am sure she will be just as successful in her college career as she has been these last four years. Congrats, Lissa!

The happy Graduate!

My sis made it out to IL as well so I got to meet my newest little niece-to-be for the first time as well!

The Kid and I 

That about sums it up - had a wonderful trip that went way too fast, but we were able to catch up with family and spend some quality time with my pops, whose health is very unstable at the moment. Even had lunch with my mom during our layover in Denver!  Flew back on Tues and was able to get in a 3.5 hour brick before leaving (albeit on a spin bike and treadmill) and just finished up a 12 mile run last night! Just priming the pumps for what will be my last full week of long, hard workouts before the 2 week taper begins.

Boise is only 16 weeks away! What the heck will I have to blog about after that! :)

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