Thursday, May 8, 2014

Product Review - TriBox

TriBox review - FINALLY!!

Received my second TriBox via RunnerBox last week and have been meaning to post a review on all the goodies that were inside. Training has really ramped up these last few weeks so I am finally getting around to it......

Can't tell you how much I love this quote!! So pertinent to Boise that I've written this down and will be using it for motivation these last 5 weeks! Triathlon is such a personal sport that even training days can feel like competition with yourself - learning to overcome the daily struggles and constant desire to give up is a huge win in itself!

Ok, now on to the good stuff. As mentioned in my last post, TriBox only includes all-natural (mostly gluten/dairy free) products so you know whatever snacks arrive are uber healthy for you. Here's a run down of what I got this month......

  • Earth Balance - Coconut peanut spread (gluten free) - Stupid, stupid, stupid good. I want a truck load of this stuff!
  • Eden -Wild Berry Mix - Organic, unsalted goodness. Another great snack that was gobbled up the moment I opened the box! 
  • The Goodbean No-Nut Fruit Bar - NonGMO and gluten free- perfect for a quick desk snack.
  • ProBar - Bolt Organic Energy Bites - Wasn't a huge fan of these but then again I don't really like shot blocks or chewy energy pieces anyway. I prefer the consistency of GU (which I know sounds crazy) or just a liquid form of energy. The flavor was pretty good though so you might want to try it out if you're looking for organic energy chews.
  • Smooch - Apple, Raspberry and Peach Fruit Snack - I've heard great things from a lot of folks on how they've been utilizing these vegan friendly, gluten/dairy/nut free fruit squeezes to their training/racing nutrition. I have yet to try it in that way but think they are perfect for travelling/hiking etc. Saving this guy for my trip to Chi-town next weekend.
  • Fluid Performance - Natural Sports Drink - I'll be trying this out on tomorrow night's ride. Wish the packaging was a little bit smaller, like my Nuun tabs but if it does the trick....
  • Calms Forte- Can you say race nerves?!! These suckers will be put to great use not only during my weekend in Boise but for the dang flight I have to take out to Chicago next weekend. I am NOT good this natural form of anxiety/stress relief!
  • Humagel - All Natural Chia Energy - Gluten and dairy free, you just can't go wrong if looking for an all natural energy gel. I've been wanting to slowly ween myself off of GU and on to Humagels for awhile now but the stomach is saying no at the moment. And who am I to argue 5 weeks out from Boise?
  • Core Protein Bar - Brownie Crisp  - Since I've moved to mainly liquid forms of nutrition during workouts, I'm finding that my energy "bar" supplies aren't being replenished as often as before. This one sure sounds tasty though!
  • Mino - If this isn't the most interesting little gadget! Slip this insert underneath the sock liner of a new pair of shoes and your old worries of having to keep track of when you need a replacement pair is gone! Mino does it for you! This handy device keeps track of how many miles you've put on your running shoes and will alert you when their lifespan is over. Just lift the sock liner once a month and check to see if the red light is lite - if so, its time for new kicks! I do have these in my current pair but they were placed there after I was about 100 miles in. Interested to see when the red shows up! 
Link to this awesome product if you're interested. The best $15 you can spend as a runner:

  • Tripain Relief Gel - TPR is an alternative pre and post workout analgesic whose ingredients are specifically designed for high intensity training, recovery and competition. Forgot to use this on my last brick workout but you better believe I will next weekend!
  • Sunology Body and Face Sunscreen - Once again, natural sunscreen that does not use man-made chemicals in their active ingredients. I haven't spent too much time out in the sun just yet this season but I'll be sure to lather up on my next ride.

As usual, along with these awesome products were a bunch of coupons for additional purchases. See? Super fun box to get and well worth the bi-monthly subscription price. Here is a link to the site if you're interested! They just added a CycleBox too so you've got three options now!

**Although I am trying hard to become an Ambassador of RunnerBox, by no means have I have been paid to review these products. Simply my way of keeping you all informed of what's out there.**

Do you receive RunnerBox/TriBox/CycleBox? Anything different in your subscription this month?

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