Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mind Wandering Wednesdays

WORD! haha -  "Clean" eating is extremely hard to do during race season. Between the amount of time one spends training and the amount of calories your body needs to produce good results, it's a hard balance. I just came off a recovery week and am currently in the eat-whatever-I-can-get-my-hands-on stage. Especially carbs! I try to stick with whole grains and nuts...but nuts! Sometimes this body just wants a cookie! I've cut out all alcohol during this last month before Boise so I'm sure that's a contributing factor. Oh well - I can only do what I can do, and for the most part its on track!  (unless I have a long brick scheduled...then strap the oat bail on cause this horse is hungry!)

Shall we play the random game?.....

  • BOISE!! (figured I might as well start right out of the gate with it) - got another email with our official "Athlete Guide" attached. The simple fact that this guide is 21 pages long and needs a table of contents is totally freaking me out!
  • 10 mile run last night. In the heat.With the gnats - I started out a bit too late so it ended up being 6 miles on the trail and the remaining 4 finished up on the dreadmill. Gross.....

  • The Kid has his rock band concert tonight! He sings and plays the drums - looking forward to seeing the results of all those after school practices. 
  • New tri suit arrived yesterday! A little history: my sweet brother, in honor of his mother-in-law's passing had a kit made for both of us. Unfortunately it was a men's cut size M so it didn't quite fit right. As a result I went online and snatched up a gorgeous 2xu Compression suit.  Tried it on last night and of course it's too big!! Not the worst problem to have but returning and re-ordering in a M...cross your fingers.
  • Has anyone else been watching Fargo? What a twisted little show that it is - love it.
  • Trip to Chi-town this weekend:
          1. Compression socks on the plane?
          2. Open water swim with a group at Lake Andrea in WI or with a masters group in Lake Michigan,IL?
          3. 4:30 brick scheduled on Sun - race simulation (tri gear and race nutrition/hydration) 3 hour bike in the                                       gym (20 mins away) + 9 mile run or find an LBS to rent a bike for those few hours? Keeping in mind that I must be                 done by 11am.....oh boy.....
  • Wedding and house buying plans have been put on hold until after Boise so my Pinterest boards have been very quiet lately.
  • Crowie (Craig Alexander) has officially registered for Boise 70.3!! Pictures are a must and some of the ladies in my online tri group have even dared me to get a little "touch" in. Hey, if they're willing to raise some cash to fund my bail...then what's the harm?  ;)
(Don't worry babe - it's just a triathlete crush......yeah...that's it)

  • BIG shout out to my brother, Randy, who has his very first race (triathlon) this weekend in Colorado. Swim smart, ride hard and run fast!! GOOD LUCK, BRO!

Randomness done, now on to the race spectator signs (you know it's your favorite part) the commitment of these folks!!

Is she ever?

How many people can actually say that?!! BOOM!!!

For my honey - to make up for the Crowie pic. ;)

There's always gotta be a "your mom" joke in there somewhere.

Happy Hump Day ya'll! Now get out there and own the rest of your week!

Any randomness you'd like to share?

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