Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Thoughts and Race Goals

Wohoo! It's finally Friday! How's has everyone's week been? I have slowly started settling back into a decent workout routine, though still finding it rough trying to run in this hot weather. Anyone have any great tips for plugging through the heat?

The Girlfriends and Dudes Tri is this Sunday so The Kid (who will be racing for the first time) and I have some prep work to do these next few days. (aka long session on the trainer for me tonight) We went on an evening 16 mile ride earlier this week, just so he could get a better sense of what true "bike legs" are like. Tomorrow the event organizer is holding a practice swim session on location which will be a great opportunity for us to get a feel of the water conditions and then drive the bike/run course.

Though my training has been lacking consistency since Boise, I am hoping to PR on Sunday. 1/2 mile swim, 12.5 mile bike and 5k run. This course is new to me but the distances and terrain are pretty typical to the Blue Lake Tri that I've completed twice so I plan on treating it just same. Since my last Sprint, I've added a few new items to my racing arsenal and have changed my mindset with regard to pacing......pacing? In a Sprint? No way - all out until I feel the burn.

Goals for Sunday are as follows:

.5 Mile Swim - 0:13:45 (sans wetsuit)
T1 -   0:02:30
12.5 Mile Bike - under 0:40:00 (av 20mph)
T2 - 0:02:00
5k Run - under 0:30:00 (under 10 min/mi)

I don't know exactly how transition is set up at this location though so my T1 and T2 times may vary depending on how far I have to run out of the water/off the bike. Either way I'd like to set a PR this weekend and go under 1:30:00 for the race. The weather is looking to be pretty ideal - mid 70s and partly cloudy so I really can't ask for better conditions. We shall see.

After my race The Kid gets to have some fun completing his first tri! Each leg is significantly shorter (250 meter swim, 3 mile bike and 3/4 mile run) but the idea is just to get him out there experiencing what it's like to be on the inside vs. a spectator. And who knows, maybe he'll fall in love with the sport and want to join me in a full Sprint next summer! (crossing fingers and toes....)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and good luck to all who are racing! Go out and make that course your biotch! :)

Cheers - Bec

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