Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Training Recap - Preview of Sunday's Course

Holy cow, how is it Wednesday already?!!! Sheesh!

My sister and her hubby are having their first baby in just over a month from now so I've been in busy baby shower planning mode these past few weeks. Not an easy task when coordinating from out of state - lots of online orders, sketches and prayers that I've got all the venue measurements down right. Wishfully hoping that the ideas I've had swimming around in my noggin mesh well when I'm finally able to start putting things together on site. Let's hope this enchanted garden theme doesn't turn out to be something more like a scene from Alice in Wonderland's nightmares! ;)

Anyway - let's get to the good stuff...


Rest day (I seem to be having too many of these lately....need to work on that)




4 mile run

It was hot and I was way dehydrated. Side stitches almost immediately but I powered through 4 miles and used the patches of shade on my route as motivation to keep moving forward. Hey, sometimes it's the little things. :)


16 mile ride with The Kid.

In prep for Sunday's race, The Kid and I took a nice 16 mile ride on one of our local trails. Love that I can keep him off major roads yet still get some decent training in. Besides the swarms of nasty summer bugs and having to chase a setting sun, we had a good time. Though I had to slow my speed down considerably, I wouldn't trade that quality time with him for anything.


STRETCH!! and repeat......


800 Meter OWS

Sat morning The Kid and I were lucky enough to attend an open water session that Sunday's race director was holding at the venue. This was a perfect opportunity to get The Kid into the water before race day so that he could experience what OWS is like with a large group. He would only be swimming 200 meters on Sunday but he really wanted to see how well he could keep up with the adults and their full 800. And of course, he did awesome. We took it fairly easy, allowing for a few quick stops to catch his breath along the way, but wouldn't you know it - he finished the entire swim in just under 15 minutes! And not one panic attack - he continues to amaze me.

Afterwards we took a drive down Sunday's 12.5 mile bike course - flat and beautiful. This was going to be a fun race.


The Girlfriends and Dudes Triathlon

Accomplished a ton of personal bests in this race AND got to watch The Kid "tri" his first time! Needless to say he is hooked. All the exciting details in my race report to come later this week......

In the meantime I've got a few more stores to run to, and boxes to mail, all while trying to fit in a 90 minute ride tonight......."I love party planning.....I love party planning.....I love party planning."

Cheers - Rebecca

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