Monday, January 27, 2014

70.3 - Week 1 Training Recap

First week of 70.3 training and I am happy to report that though I struggled with getting to bed at a decent hour, the actual workouts are, dare I say, a big of a breeze?! I think my base is so much bigger/stronger than where I started at last year - will give this plan a few more weeks but unless I start to feel more challenged, will be looking for a replacement.

Monday Planned: 2800 meter swim + 40 min easy run
Actual:  2800 meter swim + bailed on the run. Wasn't going to happen unless I got on the dreadmill at 9:30pm (need to work on time management)

Tuesday Planned: 30 min easy run + 60 min trainer, low effort
Actual: same +  20 min core strength

Wednesday Planned: 2050 meter swim
Actual: same

Thursday Planned: 60 min easy run
Actual: same

Friday Planned: 1750 meters swim + 45 min bike
Actual: same

Saturday planned: Rest day!
Actual: Rest day and wedding planning! (truth be told it was more like beer drinking day......which I need to start cutting out entirely the next 9 months - boo)

Sunday planned: 90 min bike - outside if possible
Actual: 90 min bike trainer

Overall I feel awesome! Not sore in the least - which is probably a good indication that I should increase my intensity and start building in strength training sessions at least 4 days a week. My goal for Boise is to finish strong...not just just finish.  Those of you who know me well, know that when it comes to physical competition I never do things halfway. Go big and always give it your very best! How else will you know what you are truly capable of?

Week 1 - lessons learned:

1. Need to invest in cold weather/windy riding gear 
2. I need, need, need a new saddle! I suffered through last year but am certain that there is something much for comfortable out there. 
3. Need to spend more time in aero....
4. "Rest Day" does not mean drink a ton of beer and eat crap food!!
5. If I don't get up at 4:30am, my two-a-day workouts are NOT going to happen. 
7. Much easier beginning a new season when you've maintained a decent fitness level over the off season.

Feeling pumped  - hoping this surge of positive energy propels me into another great week of training. So until the pains and struggles of triathlon start rearing their ugly heads, enjoy the good news!!

Want = nothing if it's not followed by the DO!

How has your training been going? 
Have you been stung by the motivation bug yet?

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