Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year Brings New Goals

Happy New Year everyone and three cheers for a first round playoff victory for my San Diego Chargers!!

Haha - Phil is PUMPED!!

In other news (seriously though, is there more exciting news than an SD victory?!!), still working on finalizing my non-racing related goals for 2014, but with Boise HIM training officially starting up in a few weeks, here is what I'm close to settling on for this year's docket....

2/1 - Worst Day of the Year Run, 5k
3/16 - PDX Shamrock Run, 15k
4/5 - OSU Beaver Freezer Triathlon, Sprint
4/13 - Blooms to Brews Half Marathon
5/10 -  Oregon Dunes Triathlon, Olympic
6/7 - Ironman Boise, 70.3
8/4 - Mid Summer Triathlon, Sprint
9/21 - Portland Triathlon, Sprint (maybe Olympic?)
12 - Foot Traffic Holiday Half Marathon

Look like a pretty full schedule? For me it most certainly is - 2 more triathlons than last year, 2 half marathons and oh yeah, lets throw in a little half Ironman while we're at it. :) This definitely isn't a final list as I still have to register for most and I'd like to try and find something to fill in July and October - if this year has taught me anything, it's how lazy I can be when not in training. While I don't want to get to the point of burn out, having at least something on the calendar each month will help to keep my hiney motivated. I haven't done a darn thing since my HM three weeks ago.............
( pair of Brooks I ordered after Christmas showed up on Friday though, so THAT changes tomorrow....)

Though I do have quite a few challenging events to look forward to this year, Boise is definitely my "A" race. I've been going back and forth on hiring a coach but have not made a commitment just yet. I did find a training plan that looks to be a perfect match for not only my available time but one that will best incorporate my other races. The best part is, it was free! Link is below for any that might be interested themselves.....

Total of 20 weeks with 2 off days per week and the run/bike/swim training hours maxing out at 10.5. 10.5  per week doesn't sound like all that much, but once I add in time spent on strength training/yoga (which I did not do nearly enough of last year), it should bring me closer to a total of 16-17.

Now I just need to upload the specifics into my TrainingPeaks account and awaaaaaaaay we go!

Oh, and I mustn't forget,  Jake & Otter want you to know that they were very influential in today's post.
And yes....those are Christmas decorations still up in my house......don't judge me. ;)

Have you settled on a race schedule for 2014 yet? What is your "A" race?
How do you stay motivated to keep up with your resolutions?

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