Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm getting old. 

You know, that sit-on-the-floor-cross-legged-now-I-can-barely-stand-upright, kinda old?

Last night was 60 mins on the trainer. No biggie, right?  Um, no. Klutz over here did something to her right foot while hopping back on the bike after stopping midway to open the bedroom window and let a bit of fresh air in.  I get back over to the bike, clip (or what I assumed was clipped) my right foot in, stand up to swing my left leg over and slip, pop - shoe clips out unexpectedly, foot twists in a weird direction and I fall over onto the bed. Yes, I said "bed". My dumb trainer is literally wedged 10 inches form the side of my bed and  maybe 5 from the wall. (yes....we need a bigger place...working on that....)

I think it's no big deal, get back on the bike and continue the workout. It wasn't until I took the pups out to the bathroom (3 flights of stairs down) later that night that I realize, maybe I've done something a bit more serious to my foot than first thought - there is no way it should hurt like this.

I mean, really..are my brittle bones so old that I cant' handle a little twist without it becoming a real issue? I swear I turned 30 and everything either slowed down immensely or decided to just stop working period. Let's not even get into what the past 7 years have done to my body.....37, yet sometimes I feel like 67!

So, remember just Monday when I said that training was going outstanding? Yeah, totally jinxed myself. I skipped this morning's swim to give the foot a bit more rest but do plan on trying to get into the pool tonight while The Kid is at practice.....hoping this is all a non issue......but honestly, I should really be forced to walk around in bubble wrap.......*sigh*

In other news, still struggling with getting to bed at a decent hour.

I am so not a morning person - and when I'm scheduled for two-a-day workouts, unless there is a morning swim included (which for some reason I have no issue getting up for - old school swim team habits die hard, I guess), I am having to wait until my evenings to pull off both. And since I usually don't get started until around 7:30/8 or so, I find myself finishing up my session at 9/9:30 most nights!

Working out later in the evening isn't the issue for me though - the problem lies with my then finding enough time to shower, choke down some recovery snacks and relax before hopping into bed. I've done a bit of research and can't seem to find anything that says it's a bad thing to go straight to bed after a workout, so.....still feels odd to me.....

Any feedback from all my racing cohorts out there?

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