Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 Week 8 - Training Recap

Whew! What a week! Was finally able to get things back on track (kinda) and pound away on some training (minus time in the pool). Thankfully it was a recovery week so that helped to make things a bit easier. And with having my 15k race on Sunday I did play with the schedule a bit to help compensate. That said I was fairly satisfied with how the week turned out.

Monday: 60 min bike (trainer)

Tuesday: 60 min run

Wednesday: 60 min bike (trainer)

Thursday: Rest day (last one I get for the next month so you better believe I took advantage of it!)

Friday: 90 min bike (trainer)

Saturday: Planned swim but took a rest/stretch day in prep for Sunday's race

Sunday - Shamrock Run 15k (Hills!! Hills!! Hills!! Or better yet, one GIANT 3 mile hill! - race recap to follow later this week)

Total: 0 swim (that's cool - I am confident in this sport so leaving out a week of water is a-ok with me)
         75 mile bike
         15.36 mile run

Like I said, no swimming this week but with sinus nonsense left over from my sickness, I didn't feel bad taking an extra week off from the pool. Other than that both my runs and bikes felt great! I was finally able to get out both Tues and Sun for some hilly foot-to-pavement time but boy are my quads paying for it! Think I've learned my lesson - this gal needs more interval and hill training mixed in with her milage. Boise's run course is pretty flat so I'm not too worried....but the benefits of hill training far outweigh not.

So a fairly quiet week on the training front. I had all kinds of craziness going on at work so most of my time/energy was focused on that. One exciting piece of craziness was receiving our yearly bonus! Man, do I LOVE this time of year! :) Pre-bonus night party complete, employee appreciation brunch concluded and glorious bonus check in hand, we (P and I work for the same company) took off half day on Friday and headed straight to the bank.

Now what to do with all this $$$...what kind of rad Tri stuff should I buy first? What kind of new bike should I get? Races to register for?

Oh, wait a minute......slow your roll, girl......

......buying a house + having a wedding = no "fun" money for me.....poop.

Though I won't be getting an awesome new Tri bike this year, I am going to at least look at getting a new saddle, potential for new wheels and a Garmin910XT which is already ordered and on its way!! Can't wait to show you that baby when he arrives (tomorrow!). In the Tri world, any way you can gather data specific to your training is a tremendous help. I am in my third year of racing and have never ran/biked with a heart monitor, real GPS (other than MapMyRun app on my phone), bike computer/cadence sensor etc. I've done everything by feel - which for some circumstances is totally fine, but for Ironman training, knowing exactly where you stand is essential. Not only will it help to ensure that you are keeping pace, but knowing how hard you are working your heart is a must in my book.

For anyone interested in more details, I've got a great piece on heart rate monitor training to share later on but thought it would be better to have some actual results from my own testing to incorporate, so stay tuned!

That is that, my friends. Portland Shamrock 15k race report to come later this week as well as those tid bits on heart rate testing - until then, I leave you with a glimpse into what this week has in store for me....and yes, that is an 11 mile run tonight - not.going.to.happen.

TraingPeaks app shot from my phone

"Is that thing color coded?", you ask. Yes, indeedy - miss a workout and you see the lovely color RED (total downer), do a partial workout and you get YELLOW (my shorter "recovery"ride from yesterday as a good example)....do just as planned and an encouraging GREEN shows up!

Needless to say I have yet to get a full week of green but that is always my ultimate goal. Same goes for life, doesn't it? A perfect week with nothing by green is an unfair expectation. You can certainly maintain that as a goal but learning how to be flexible when life's circumstances get in your way is truly the best training there is. Picking yourself up and getting back on track after that inevitable bump in the road reflects true character. I work on this daily in both my training and personal life....still so much more to do but I'm getting there!

Anyone else train with an heart rate monitor? Any tips/tricks you'd like to share?

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