Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mind Wandering Wednesdays

Round 2 of Mind Wandering Wednesdays. Just me, spewing out the non-sense that's been running through my brain all week....


  • Made a bet with myself today - if I can keep from biting my nails from now to Boise....................
  • Don't EVER run out of Hoo Ha, Aquaphor or any type of glide gel when scheduled for a 3+ bike ride...God save the "Queen"!

  • My wedding next year will be 6 months into IMAZ training - wonder if I'll be sporting some real abs by then?
Um...NO..."real' abs, dear!
  • Should probably start thinking about race nutrition...200-300 calories per hour?... eat every 10 mins?...three bottles of water on the bike? Nunn or no? To Gu or not to Gu?......blah blah blah...
  • Wonder if Boise will be 35 degrees and rainy or 90 and windy this year?
  • Still recovering from my 3 hour no glide gel trainer ride........ouch.
  • My first Tri of the season is in 10 days down in CornPalace (Corvallis). Home of the OSU Beavers - pool swim....potential to be a down pour of rain on the bike/run....what was I thinking signing up to race with these collegiate wonders.......Should probably throw on some self tanner before the race - dem legs are white!

  • Signing the Kid up for his very first Tri this summer!!!
  • Thinking of my pops and the physical ailments he's going through right now - sending lots of love out to Chi-town.
  • Speaking of Chicago - wonder how I'm going to get my scheduled 4.5 hour brick in while visiting out there in May?
  • Bike is in the shop for a tune up and a 2 hour riding till Saturday - this makes me a very sad panda.
  • Wishing Mirinda Carfrae a very Happy Birthday while I sit here drooling over her legs.......

  • No joke but that 1:45 hour elliptical workout last night seemed to have actually HELPED my hip...what the what?
  • PT scheduled for this afternoon - if they tell me it's some sort of bone fracture I am going to freak the freak out!!! 
  • Made THE best energy bars this weekend - super easy and ridiculously good. Props to another Pinterest win!                                 
1 cup raisins
1 cup dates
1 cup raisins

Mix in blender for 2-3 minutes until it forms a ball. Place mixture on wax paper and press into 8"x8" square. Cool in fridge overnight, then cut into preferred sized pieces.

  • Last but not least I leave you with some more outstanding race supporter signs.....

Thanks, bro - very inspiring! lol

P swore he is going to wear this as a t-shirt for IMBoise - God love him!

That's good - cause I feel like S*#@



Hope everyone is having a great week!

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