Friday, March 7, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 - Week 6 Training Recap

"Why helloooo there!", she says through plugged nose and wheezy coughs.

It's been awhile, eh?  Let's get through my recap of last week's new training plan before I begin the sickness rant......

Monday: 90 min bike (trainer)

Tuesday: 3390. swim + 8 mile run

Wednesday: 60 min bike (trainer)

Thursday: 4.5 mile run

Friday: 120 min bike (trainer)

Saturday: 90 min bike (trainer) + 40 min run

Sunday: 3050m swim + 60 min yoga session

Totals: Bike - 6 hours
          Run - 16.50 miles
          Swim - 6440m swim


Pretty flippin' awesome week, right?!! Man was I pumped to reach Sunday and say that I dominated my first seven days of this new plan. I was exhausted but felt great - excited to see such an increase in endurance over where I was at this time last year.

All that excitement? Yeah, by Monday morning it left me in an aching puddle in my bed. I felt just awful. Stayed home from work on Monday and slept...and slept...and slept. P was flying back in from his quick weekend excursion to SoCal, so I pretty much stayed on the couch until about 6pm when I "tried" to get my 90 min session on the trainer in. Um, yeah....that lasted all of 45 mins. After not eating for the most of the day, my decision to stay on track with my training was a foolish one. I fully believe that this is what created the chain reaction of nastiness that was the rest of my week.

Pickled up P around 8:30pm and was back in bed by 10pm. Thought perhaps that's all I needed - an actual full day of nothing but rest...Ha! Went to work the next day and made it for 4 hours. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what was wrong, but kept explaining to everyone it was like I had been in a car accident - every single bone, joint, muscle in my body was in pain.

That night? Full blown flu....stayed home and in bed on Wed as well. Coach Brett and Meredith all but screamed through the interwebs when I posed the question of how easy I should take it with my training this week. Cut back on half, or...? They both warned me to stop all together or the recovery process was going to take 3 times as long.

So it's been a big fat 0 meters/miles, 0 minutes/hours of anything training related. Right now I am pretty ticked off about the whole thing but have come to terms with the fact that I MUST get back to 100% before even attempting to hop back on the training wagon. But seriously....a whole week gone - poof! Nothing to show for it but a thousand used tissues and 2.5 days of sick time. I joke that since moving here three years ago this state is trying to kill me, but each year the "joke" becomes more of a reality. Must get in for some allergy testing as I'm sure that is half my issue.

Anyway....not much else to report besides the crap that was my week. If my head can finally clear up by Sunday, I think I'll take it into the pool for my scheduled 30 minutes. I suppose it's good timing that recovery week starts on Monday as I'm not sure I'd be able to pull out those previously scheduled 9 mile runs....

Back at it next week - Beastmode is within grasp....and my comeback is at hand!

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