Wednesday, February 5, 2014

70.3 - Week 2 Training Recap

Week 2 of 70.3 training was thrown off a bit after I had that twisted ankle incident early on in the week. I ended up taking 2 unplanned rest days but am very thankful for doing so as I ended up having no issues come race day. (race recap for my 5k fun run to follow....)

Monday -  planned: 2100 meter swim + 40 min easy run
                 actual:  same

Tuesday - planned: 30 min easy run + 60 min trainer, low effort
                actual: 60 min trainer - 0 run due to ankle twist incident

Wednesday -  planned: 1500 meter swim
                      actual: rest

Thursday -  planned: 60 min easy run
                  actual: 60 min bike on trainer (still babying ankle)

Friday - planned: 1500 meters swim + 45 min bike
             actual: rest

Saturday - planned: Rest day
                 actual: Worst Day of the Year 5k run!

Sunday - planned: 90 min bike
               actual: same

So, although my distance and time were cut short this week, I'm not beating myself up too much as my ankle feels 100% and won't be a recurring issue down the road. I also came down with a full blown cold (as did everyone in my house) on Sat and ended up sitting out on this Monday's double session as well. If it's not one thing.......jeez!

I feel good otherwise and have settled on this year's theme...

I NEED to get out of my comfort zone in all three disciplines but man is it sooooo warm and cozy in here. Like how it feels to know that I can lay down an 8 mile run without feeling like I'm going to die afterwards - that's a pretty cozy/secure feeling, right?  But now that I'm in my third year of racing, how can I expect to get faster on my runs or stronger on my bike if I'm not pushing limits and getting out of said comfort zones? I've passed the point of just wanting to finish, proving to myself that I simply can - rather now I want to focus on improving, getting stronger, faster and obtaining those coveted podium spots. The intensity of my workouts need to dramatically increase or else it's just 

I want to make triathlon my biatch! ;)

Anyway - not that exciting of a post as I'm still sniffling and sneezing everywhere. Be on the lookout for my 5k race recap later on this week when I have more energy. In the meantime, I leave you with a few of my favorite homemade race signs...haha, these people are awesome! I hope to see some just as good while in Boise.

Sorry babe

Or 7/15+ depending on the event......


And may fav...........

I'd probably start choking on my own spit if I ever saw this one......

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