Friday, February 28, 2014

100 Day Countdown - Freak the Freak Out!

Holy canoli!! Do you see that number on my countdown thingy????

We are officially less than 100 days out from Ironman Boise 70.3 people!!!

Ok,well maybe we can calm down just a little bit - especially now that we seem to be on a more aggressive yet specific training plan and the fact that we have some online coaching to help us keep on track and  accountable. ("us"..."we"...?)

I won't lie to you folks, first week of these new training hours and I am down right exhausted. Which I kinda knew I was going to happen.

On Monday I'll provide a more detailed recap on exactly what took place this week but for now let's just say that sleeping in till 7:30am this morning was a God send. The full effects of not getting enough shut eye has reared its ugly head and caused me to skip a morning swim. Skip a swim, you say? But isn't that the easiest discipline for you? Don't you look forward to getting in the water and rocking out? Yep! But with the added hours and intensity of my new plan, I just couldn't do it yesterday and then add a 5 mile interval run on top of that.

But as I am currently in "pre-Beastmode" zone, I foolishly assumed I could just add those 3300 meters to today's workload (2.5 hour trainer ride). Ha! Thankfully I ran it by coach Brett and Meredith last night and was was met with a stern, "NO!". They both coach by the theory of if you skip a workout then just move on - no stacking. Doesn't that mean that I'll completely forfeit that portion of my training? Yep, which I guess will be a good thing for me to be aware of going forward. I DO NOT like skipping workouts, especially ones that are specific to a race, so my hope is that this will be a great incentive towards better accountability and keeping my tired/lazy bum from making excuses....

Lesson for today? No stacking workouts - if you miss one, then just move on. Yes, you can feel bad about the loss in training hours but let that just be a motivator for the next time you feel like bailing.

Ugh - this will definitely take some getting used to. But as this year's mantra goes.......... where are you?

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