Tuesday, February 11, 2014

70.3 - Week 3 Training Recap

Um, yeah....about that....

Monday - planned: 2000 swim + 40 min run
               actual: Nada, zip, zilch - on the couch sick as a dog

Tuesday - planned: 30 min run + 60 min bike
               actual: 0 run + 60 min bike

Wednesday - planned: 1500 swim
                    actual: 2250 swim (feeling motivated!)

Thursday - planned: 60 min long run
                 actual: 60 min bike (massive right calf cramp during Wed's swim - did NOT want to run)

Friday - planned: 1450 swim + 45 min bike
            actual: nothing whatsoever -  day was spent trying to make our way to and from work through             the massive NW storm. Thank the lawd for mass transit!

Saturday - planned: off
                actual: 60 min run (too much cabin fever so 6 miles on the dreadmill it was - then a few                       bottles of bud as a treat for getting my butt out in the cold and doing something at least)

Sunday - planned: 90 min bike
              actual: 2 mile trek through the ICE to Target for rations!!!

Convenient path (though totally iced over) to Target....life saver!

And inch of this nasty stuff sitting right on top of our 7" of beautiful, powdery snow...stupid ice.
Darn stuff encapsulated everything....even the rocks!

Needless to say, my training last week was sabotaged by all the nasty weather we got. Now, 7" of snow for most of you is but a drop in the bucket. And during my 5 years living in Omaha, NE I would agree with you. Portland however, is not at all prepared for this kind of weather so basically the city shut down for 3 days. As a matter of fact I am writing today's (yesterday's) post from home because the 1/2 of ice that blanketed our 7" of snow has yet to melt and our local neighborhood roads are a mess.

This week is a new week though - I do have a 40 min run and swim scheduled for today, but of course the pool is closed, so no water time for me.  **update** Never got around to running either....oh bother.

Where, oh where has my motivation gone.......oh where, oh where can it be?

Suck it up, buttercup - 3 weeks of HIM training down, only 17 more to go!! Crap on a cracker, I better get moving!

Anyone else experience weather related training breakdowns?
How do you move past it?!

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