Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mind Wandering Wednesdays

Welcome to Mind Wandering Wednesdays where I will be rambling all sorts of non-sense just to get some thoughts off my overwhelmed training brain and bring a little humor into the week. **because we all need a good laugh by the time Humpday rolls around**

I thought about doing TMI Tuesdays...but that's played.....

So here we go, round one..........

  • There's nothing worse than swimming in a pool that is still cloudy and warm from the night before.....urine/snot fest anyone? Gag!!!

  • Wonder if my sealed bottle of vitamin D supplements are still ok - expired in November....we shall soon find out....
  • Negative people annoy the living daylights outta me!                 

  • I'm down 6 lbs since actively focusing on finding my ideal "race weight" - Can I get a "Woop! Woop!"
  • 2 weeks till I get my yearly bonus at work....wonder how much of it I can blow on Tri stuff???
  • When does daylight savings time begin? Really need to get some outside runs in.
  • Why do I always need to poop on the treadmill? Not outside or on the bike, just on the freaking treadmill....
Seriously? Another trip to the toity?!!

  • Wonder what kind of treats will be out on the Boise run course.....gummy bears? Mmmmmm, delicious, chewy, candy bears.......Coke?
  • I won't get the M dot tattoo until I complete IMAZ but am thinking about getting this on my foot after Boise, sans the actual word 'Triathlon'....because that's not a conversation starter. ;)


  • And of course, some more EPIC race spectator signs to help get you through the week....

This guy definitely wins the prize though!!!

Any random Wednesday thoughts you'd like to share?
Anyone else over the winter?!!!

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