Monday, February 24, 2014

IM Boise 70.3 - Week 5 Training Recap

Week 5...week 5.

Monday: planned - 2500 swim
                actual - same

Tuesday: planned - 60 min bike + 30 min swim
                actual - 60 min bike (pool closed as I finished the bike too late in the evening)

Wednesday: planned - 2400 swim + 3 min run
                     actual - same

Thursday: planned - 60 min ru. + 30 min recovery run
                  actual - same

Friday: planned - 30 mom sloooow run
             actual - same

Saturday: planned - rest day
                 actual - same (wedding planning!)

Sunday: planned - 2 hour bike
              actual - rest day while freaking out over new training plan

Well I did good, stayed super focused, dedicated to both my physical and nutritional training.....even felt accomplished, like I was on the right track and was owning this plan!

BIG Lol...

Mentioned joining up with coach Brett and Meredith in my new Swim, Bike, Train army, right? Yeah, well kiss my previous training plan and feelings of confidence good bye. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to get some real coaching for the first time in prep for Boise 70.3. But the excitement has worn off and I've had the weekend to review my NEW training plan, I am down right terrified!

Monday...1.5 hour biggie....Tuesday? 1 hour am swim (3100 meters) + 1.5 hour (9 mile) pm run. Holy heck! The 3100 meters swim I am good with though it is a jump from what I've been doing. But a 9 mile run...already? I've only been doing 6 as a max since my half marathon this past Dec!! Am I really ready for this? Can my body/mind cash the checks this new plan is feverishly starting to write? Have I bitten off more than I can successfully chew?!

In through the nose...out through the mouth......just breathe.....

I mean after all, I do need some help, right? Need support and advice from these new coaches who have already raced in my shoes? Help with nutrition, endurance, running form, bike strength etc.? Yes, indeedy, without a doubt! Can't wait to soak up all the info I'll soon be flooded with. And in all honestly, I think my previous plan would have done a fine job in getting me across that finish line in June, but I'm not sure if  that finish would have been upright, or crawling on my knees. IF I do get through the next 15 weeks at this more more aggressive pace, I know that without a doubt not only will I finish on my feet, but I will do so strong!!

In other more non- terrifying news, P and I met with our wedding coordinator for the first time on Sat though the ceremony isn't until June of next year - what can I say, we're planners! :) This wedding is going to be outta sight! I mean, seriously....since the majority of our family and friends will be coming in from out of town, we have a whole fun filled weekend planned - and what a weekend it will be. The only bad part is that we have to wait for what seems like FOREVER before the festivities can begin! June 2015 is going to be a rockin' month and we just can't wait to celebrate with all those who hold a special place in our hearts. Who says you can't have a blow out second wedding?!!

Also - recently found out that my brother will be joining me in Boise this year! P and I had already planned on renting a cabin as lodging so that my family could come out for support but I had no idea my bro was planning on actually racing as well! He is brand new to the sport of triathlon so I'm looking forward to helping usher him into this crazy new world. So excited to have someone else out there on the course  - someone else to commiserate plan with. P is by far the best supporter you could ever ask for but I'm sure my constant need to discuss every.little.detail, over and over and over again is beginning to wear the poor guy thin. Let's keep my handsome racing Sherpa happy. :)

5 weeks down and 15 left to go....................

Anyone else starting to freak out over their upcoming race season?
What are your mental training secrets?

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