Friday, February 21, 2014

SBM & PTS Sports Coaching Opportunity

Is she not the cutest thing ever??!!


I can barely contain my excitement! Last night I signed up to take part in a very unique online training program hosted by Meredith of Swim, Bike, Mom and coach Brett Daniels (T-Bone) of PTS Sports outside of Atlanta, GA.

This program will run the entire 20 weeks of my Boise Half Ironman training (which yes, I am already into week 5 of) and after that as needed. Included in the program is a specific training plan that has been put together by coach T-Bone as well as an online support group via Facebook!

Holy cow I am so super excited. I've been doing some research these past 6 months on potentially hiring a coach for my HIM, but the costs are outrageous! Averaging $175 a month, I just can't justify that this year. Maybe next year when IM AZ comes into play.....maybe. Even more of a reason to celebrate this new opportunity though!

Training group begins on Monday and then it's 15 weeks of unending support and real accountability.

My excitement did get tempered just a bit yesterday when I uploaded coach T-Bone's training plan to my Trainingpeaks account - as of next week I will be upping my hours from what I am currently averaging of 7.5 to 13 with my peak week at 17 ! And that's not including strength work....nearly double from what my current plan has me doing. And rest days? What rest days? Oh, you mean that randomly placed 30 min swim? Yeah.....I found a total of 3. Three real nothing-to-do-but-stretch-and-recover rest days! Crap!! - as I've said a millions times since yesterday,


Oh well, no rest for the weary, right?! - and all the better to not only get me across the finish line in Boise, but to CRUSH it!

So stay tuned for all kinds of fun updates on what this new experience will bring to my training and racing life! I promise to pass on all of coach Mer and T-Bone's secrets to you all. :)


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