Monday, February 17, 2014

70.3 - Week 4 Training Recap

Do I see an increase in consistency? Have I found my mojo once again?........

Monday - planned: 2500 swim + 40 min run
               40 mile run - no swimming, didn't want to brave the icy roads.

Tuesday - planned: 30 min run + 60 min bike
               actual: 3 mile run + 30 min bike

Wednesday - planned: 1500 swim
                    actual:  60 min bike - hey, at least I did something...

Thursday - planned: 60 min long run
                 actual: 6 mile run 

Friday - planned: 1500 swim + 45 min bike
            actual: 45 min bike - no swim

Saturday - planned: rest day
                actual: rest day

Sunday - planned: 90 min bike
              actual: 60 min yoga session + 120 min bike - BOOYAH!

All in all it was a good week, minus neglecting my swim. Although it is the easiest of the three for me, I need to be diligent in making sure that I do not sacrifice valuable training time in the pool simply because I have plenty of confidence. Lack of training time = lack of speed. I can do three IRONMAN distances right now....but as I'm slower than most on the run, I need to be sure and make up as much time in the water as possible.

So it's back in the pool for me tonight - love that I can now get a session in while the Kid is working on his own stroke in the pool with his team. Makes training life a whole lot easier!

Other than trying to amp up my consistency, I had a great yoga session on Sunday - and by great, I mean "ouch"! I used to go to yoga regularly, at least once a week. But after changing gyms a few month back I have neglected to make it in  - doesn't help that the available times are few and far between. So Sunday morning I forced myself to get up and on the mat.....

.......and today my body is thankful - angry and sore, but thankful none the less.

It's amazing how tight and inflexible you can get when running, swimming and biking become your only focus. I used to be able to do Padangustasana with ease:

Looks pretty badass, eh?...when you can do it. :(

But after skipping basic yoga for the past 5 months and neglecting to get even 1 session of Bikram (hot yoga) in, I can hardly bend my knees this far over while sitting on my rump let alone holding a toe pose!

My poor old, creaky bones - what has triathlon done to you?!!!

Anyway, from the horses mouth I WILL be getting this inflexible mess into yoga at least once a week going forward. My butt and back muscles are crying out for more - besides the fact that it is a great way to work on your core strength, yoga provides an opportunity to focus on lengthening of muscles which will benefit my running form immensely. And Lord knows I need all the improvements I can get in that area.

Last but not least I received my first Tribox from TheRunnerbox last week. Be on the lookout for my full review of this fun subscription based goodie box - in the meantime here is a little teaser pic of the bountiful supply I received.... :)

Besides weights, what other forms of cross training do you do?

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