Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Product Review - TriBox via RunnerBox

So I came into work last Wednesday to find this pretty little package waiting for me on my desk. (usually have most packages delivered to work -  easier to ensure proper delivery)  What the heck? I don't remember ordering anything? Was it a present from one of my adoring fans? **rolling your eyes** Was it some kind of leftover Christmas gift that finally found its way to Portland?

Nope - it was my first TriBox from RunnerBox!

Couldn't get this dumb picture to rotate for the life of me!

Oh happy days!

RunnerBox is a bi-monthly subscription ($20 + shipping) based box for runners. TriBox (my version) gears it's goodies towards swim and bike products in addition to all that fun running stuff. I currently subscribe to another monthly sample box that is beauty related (and could honestly add at least 10 more kinds of boxes if given the budget) and knowing how much use I get out of the those samples, could barely contain myself when I opened this new treasure trove!

This month's TriBox contained all sorts of original sized endurance treats and a few other useful products that will come in handy not only on race day but during my training as well. Huge bonus is that all the products in this box are natural and/or certified organic - who wants to put a bunch of chemical nonsense in your body when you've got 7 hours of racing to cover? Not me.....

So what specifically was in my box, you ask?

  • Kay's Naturals Protein Honey Almond Cookie Bites (gluten free) - pour a little almond milk over these scrumptious treats and you've got yourself a bowl of cereal to die for. Seriously good.
  • Honey Stinger Vanilla Waffle - I've been wanting to try these waffles out on my longer bike sessions as I've heard nothing but great things from fellow triathletes - and yes, they were right. Such a nice break from my typical gel routine. Sweet, chewy and super easy to eat on the bike.
  • True Bar Coconut/Cashew - One word....ridiculous! (soooo good)
  • Eden Quiet Moon Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit Mix - Not ashamed to say that I scarfed this down within minutes of opening! Yum
  • I Heart KeenWah Chocolate & Sea Salt Bites - Again with the immediately down the gullet - a bit hard to chew but worth it!
  • Health Warrior Chia Bar, Acai Berry - not so much on this guy. Had it for breakfast in the car on my way into work this morning. A tad bland - but only 100 calories with 4g of protein so I'll take the healthy benefits I received.
  • Amrita Chocolate Endurance Bar - have yet to try
  • PocketFuel Mocha Energy Shot - I prefer GU products and citrus vs. chocolate flavors, but will test this sucker out on tomorrow's long run. 
  • Coco Hydro Pineapple Flavored Electrolyte Powder - I L.O.V.E. coconut water and use it for my hydration every chance I get. I plan on testing out during tonight's long swim.
  • Natural Ice SPF 15 Chapstick - ...doesn't go on very smooth but definitely feels like I have a good solid layer of protection.
  • Sporti Swim Ear Plugs - I have been fortunate enough in my swimming life to never have the need for ear plugs, so I can't really give you a review on these guys. I'll bring them to tonight's session and at least see how they hold up. But again, awesome surprise sample for those of you who may need them!
  • Klitch Footwear Clip - now this thing is cool. It's designed to a easily clip onto the handle of your backpack or transition bag, allowing you to hang your shoes outside of your bag so they  don't gunk up everything. Genius!! First thing I do after every Tri is immediately switch my running shoes out for a pair of flip flops - giving my poor footsies a chance to breathe. Now I don't have to cram them into my bag! Love, love love.... These clips come in all different colors and are only sale right now for $12.99 + shipping. 

So the black on black wasn't the best of pic ideas but you get the point, right?

Along with these awesome products were a bunch of coupons for additional purchases - pretty amazeballs, eh? And because I love you all so much, I've gone and linked up each product to either it's respective website or where I could find the best deal online.

I am pumped to have signed up for these packages and just hate that I have to wait 2 months until my next one arrives! :) So check out RunnerBox if you're interested in subscribing - you can also choose to give a one time GiftBox to that someone special as a great motivational surprise! I may or may not know of a certain family member that will be receiving said GiftBox soon...........

**Although I am trying hard to become an Ambassador of RunnerBox, by no means have I have been paid to review these products. Simply my way of keeping you all informed of what's out there.**

Do you participate in the monthly sample box craze?
Any I should know about?

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